Roland Peelen

Front-End Software Developer

In a nutshell

An entrepreneurial front-end developer with a wide project portfolio. Has touched most of the front-end frameworks over the years and worked with a subset of them professionally. Currently a big fan of React, using it in a functional way. Has been front-end in most projects, but feels at home as a full-stack developer in a full-stack javascript environment. Comfortable as a tech lead.

Has worked with


07/2010 - Present Freelance Front-End Developer, Profero

05/2010 - Present 3d Visualiser, Peppr

07/2017 - 02/2019 Lead Front-End Developer, Conclusion


02/2019 - 07/2019 Sabbatical, Motorcycle

07/2018 - 02/2019 Lead Front-End Developer, Plangroep (via Conclusion)

Angular 2+ / RXJS / NGRX

I was brought into this project while still an employee for Conclusion. The front-end they were building was in a big inheritance kind of spaghetti state and was not making progress as much as Conclusion would have liked. After a third party audit, they decided it should be chucked and rebuild. I was asked to be the lead in this. In about three weeks we had rebuild what the previous team had build over that past year. From there, we continued to grow both the software and the team. By the time I left we had a team of 7 highly performing front-end developers in the team. I was responsible for growing the team, keeping an eye on the architecture, and advising the lead architect on changes as need arose. The biggest challenge with the project from development point-of-view was working with the multidimensional datasets. We where we were not only saving data that had changed over time (like someones address) but also saving all previous versions of all data we kept. This meant some headaches and a slightly longer on-boarding process.

Within the team we (as much as possible) tried to adhere to a somewhat more functional style of programming. Programming in a pure and functional way made the application more resilient.

02/2018 - 07/2018 Full-Stack Developer, Bachkoor Nijmegen v2.0

React / Redux / Node.js / Sockets / Mongodb / Mollie / Heroku

After running version 1 for about 3 years, the technology used was becoming of age. Storing data in Firebase was not ideal and the project's dependencies were being abandoned by their respective maintainers. A new version had to be made. At the time, Angular 2+ was out and as the first version was written in Angular, the logical successor would be version 2+. There was a problem however. In v1, the full state of all 1000+ seats was synced in realtime and Firebase was used to push around changes. With the newer version of Angular and its updated bindings, it was not possibly to make this into an equally performant solution (Angular 2 seemed to have much more overhead). As such, React was chosen and combined with sockets to push the updates over the back-end, it made the solution as a whole much, much more performant and I actually preferred working with React a whole lot more than with Angular. I was responsible for both designing, building, and deploying the whole of the app, both front and back-end.

See: Link. This is a test environment with test-payments enabled. This runs on a free Heroku Dyno and as such may need some time to power up. Also, this is an ongoing project that requires some maintenance from time-to-time.

03/2017 - 11/2017 Senior Front-End Developer, Vimpelcom / Veon

AngularJS / Node.js / Mongodb

Vimpelcom / Veon wanted to have an app with which their employees could thank each other and subsequently get points for doing so. With those points, they would be able to buy things like lunches. We were responsible for assembling the team to do the build. I took the role of Front-End Developer and we build the mobile application in AngularJS. At the time, Angular 2+ had come out but we didn't feel comfortable using it just yet for a production app with a short deadline.

01/2017 - 03/2017 Senior Front-End Developer, LIPS v6.0 (Dutch Police)

HTML / CSS / JS / PHP / MySql

One of the first applications I ever worked on is LIPS, the software license control program for the police. To make it slightly more future proof and mobile friendly, we had to revamp the user interface based on the existing application. Being written in a slightly older monolithic style in PHP, there was no way we could introduce any modern features. In the end we upgraded some HTML, CSS and added some JS for a smoother experience.

02/2016 - 12/2016 Senior Front-end Developer, Beequip

AngularJS / Node.js / Mongodb

Beequip tries to bridge the gap for financial leasing by enabling entrepreneurs of medium scale business to lease second hand equipment that will still have a 'life' to it. The task was to (re)build the front-end that was readily made (outsourced) by a company in Poland and add functionality to let the company do their risk calculations. The back-end was built in Node.js. My responsibility was mainly the front-end although I did work on some back-end code from time-to-time.

10/2015 - 02/2016 Senior Front-end Developer, Qusus

AngularJS / Cordova / Node.js / Mongodb

Qusus (short for Quick Suggestions) was a startup based in Amsterdam to revolutionize companies generate ideas or receive suggestions. I was responsible for building the Front-End.

01/2015 - 07/2015 Fullstack Developer, Bachkoor Nijmegen v1.0

AngularJS / Node.js / Firebase / Mollie / Heroku

The 'Bachkoor' is a choir group from Nijmegen that sells their own tickets. To do so, they had an old PHP booking system that required them to manually check if the payments came in. They wanted a new website and a new booking system.

I built a booking platform that would enable users to see which seats are booked in realtime, as well as having a countdown to see if there are seats that are not being booked so the users can snatch those up for themselves if they wanted to. The whole thing was built mostly server-less with a thick front-end. The realtime section and database was stored in Firebase with a thin Node.js back-end to handle the payments.</p>

01/2015 - 07/2015 Medior FE Developer / UX Developer, Bachkoor Nijmegen v1.0

Angular v1.x / Scala / Google Play / Postgres / Elastic

Tjelp tries to make it easier to have meetings remotely and asynchronously. I started working for Tjelp as a designer and doing a redesign for their platform. After creating the design system, I helped implementing it.


2012 - 2017 Bachelor of Arts: Digital Communication, Hogeschool Utrecht

2009 - 2012 Architecture, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (unfinished)

2005 - 2009 Graphic Design, ROC-Nijmegen